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Console Playstation 4 Slim 1Tb black

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Sony PlayStation 4 console

(The best requirement for serving players)

Playing is great fun, whether you are alone or accompanied by friends, consoles entertain and make the routine more relaxed, as they take you straight to new dimensions of experience. For those looking for the best device to play with, you’ve come to the right place. With the Sony PlayStation 4 console, you’ve got everything you need to enjoy the latest and greatest titles of the moment: power and lots and lots of definition, making your gameplay much more immersive and allowing you to enjoy even more stunning realism. What’s more, thanks to it, you can surf and watch on the Internet, such as the Netflix application, which provides you with thousands of films, series and documentaries for your enjoyment. Below, you can follow in detail all its main features, so that you can see its countless benefits for your daily life.

Modern and futuristic design

(Decorative object)

The PS4 is not a conventional device. When you think about having the best that games and technology can offer, it’s an almost unanimous preference because of its unique power. Its design is another point that attracts a lot of attention. You only perceive its powerlessness by its features, which are beyond its inner power. With it, you can use it both horizontally and vertically, each causing a different reaction in the environment so that you can adapt it in the best and most practical way. You will simply love it!

Games in 4K

(Complete immersion in details)

We are getting closer every day to the advanced reality, where we will reach the point where we will no longer be able to distinguish the true from the false. Proof of this is the PlayStation 4, which is nothing less than the pinnacle of the PS4 ecosystem, with key features and attributes to make the most of your enjoyment. Among them is native 4K resolution, so you can enjoy games with more realism and clarity, taking you straight to new worlds and new and exciting experiences. You know the best part? Whether you don’t need a 4K TV to enjoy these benefits, all you need is an HDTV to see the improvements in your gaming experience.


(High dynamic range)

As if having games played at 3840 x 2160 pixels (4K) wasn’t enough, Sony wanted to go one step further and offer dramatic enhancements that would really make a big leap forward in their gaming experience, bringing HDR support. As with cameras, HDR works by overlaying layers of different exposures to achieve the best levels of visibility and tone. In other words, everything comes to life, color and, of course, fidelity. For this, it is necessary to have a monitor or TV set compatible with the function, otherwise it will not be in action.

1 TB hard disk

(Your play arsenal)

Having 500 GB available to download games is good, already 1 TB is much better! And that’s exactly the amount of internal storage you’ll find here. In other words, have twice as much fun by being able to download up to 2x more games to your PS4, allowing you to have a real library of games so you’re never limited.

Graphics Performance

(Latest news)

Sony’s consoles use the sophisticated and renowned AMD graphics cards that deliver the fabulous results that everyone knows and admires so much. But on the PS4, everything is one step ahead, incorporating many of the features of the latest Polaris architecture as well as customised hardware innovations, achieving the status of the most powerful GPU included in the Playstation 4 standard.

Down to the last detail

(Refinements that make all the difference)

Whatever your style of play, from famous Indians to the most sophisticated FPS, next to the PlayStation 4 everything comes alive and true to life thanks to its sophisticated components and features that have enhanced every detail of textures, shadows and countless other elements. In short, scenes become more complex, scenarios richer and full of detail, offering a unique sense of realism so you can enjoy the best and most intense experience.

More agility and fluidity

(High SPF and greater stability)

The big difference between the standard PS4 version and the PRO version lies precisely in its ability to manage processes, since the PRO is capable of running 4K games, in addition to offering many other improvements and sophistications. That said, in addition to improving its visual quality, it’s a fact that even your FPS will benefit from it, since much more power will be available next to an 8GB GDDR5 plus an Octa-Core CPU. It therefore offers smooth transitions, fluidity and keeps you away from locks and slowness at all times.


(Precisely improved)

Enjoy a much more advanced and accurate touch experience with the DUALSHOCK 4 control. Its size is very comfortable and ergonomic, as is the distribution of its buttons and triggers, which are easily positioned at your fingertips. In addition, there’s a built-in speaker and a 3.5 mm audio input so you can plug in your headset for added privacy and convenience. The touchpad on the control makes navigation much simpler and easier, since you can use it to guide your cursor, just like on laptops.

Sharing the game

(To have fun and entertain the world)

Playing and performing incredible feats without anyone watching is not legal. That’s why on the Playstation 4, you can set up Streaming immediately by simply pressing the “Share” button available on the console control. The quality of the recording will depend on your settings, which will allow you to recall it in the most advanced and clearest 4K or 1080p resolution. Enjoy and show off your skills. It’s one of the best ways to share your gameplay and win a true legion of fans.

Lighter and thinner, the PlayStation 4 has a 1TB hard drive for the best in games, music and more!

– The PlayStation 4 combines exclusive design with unparalleled content, immersive gaming experiences, all your favorite digital entertainment applications and unique PlayStation features.
– The PS4 is player-centric, allowing players to play when, where and how they want, allowing the world’s leading game developers to be creative and transcend the boundaries of gaming with a system that’s specifically tailored to their needs.

Latest generation console, SLIM version, model to be released in the second half of 2016. Now with better performance and 300 grams lighter, the PlayStation®4 is the best place to play dynamic, connected games with rich graphics and high speed, intelligent customization, highly integrated social features and innovative second screen functions.

Combining unparalleled content, immersive gaming experiences, all your favourite digital entertainment applications and PlayStation exclusivity, the PlayStation 4 is player-centric, allowing you to play when, where and how you want. The PS4 allows the world’s top game developers to unleash their creativity and push the boundaries of gaming with a system that’s specifically tailored to their needs.

Gamer-centric, Developer-inspired – PS4 enables the world’s top game developers to unleash their creativity and push the boundaries of gaming with a platform specifically tailored to their needs.

Socially inclined: Face a multitude of personal challenges with your community, and share your glorious moments for the world to see.

New Dualshock® Controller – Dualshock®4 features innovations that deliver more immersive gaming experiences, including a high-sensitivity, six-axis sensor and a touchpad on the top of the controller that gives gamers completely new ways to play and interact with games. Sharing Gaming Experiences – Players can share their glorious triumphs by pressing the “Share” button on the controller, view the last minutes of the game, tag it and return to the game – the video is loaded during play.

PlayGo – Increase your gaming time with a more immediate play of downloaded titles. When a player buys a game, PS4 downloads a portion of the game, so players can start playing immediately, and the rest is downloaded in the background during the game.

Play remotely – With Ps Vita, players will be able to play PS4 with total fluidity on the beautiful 5-inch screen via a Wi-Fi connection in a local environment.

Package Contents: 01 PlayStation 4 PS4 Slim Model Console, 01 Dualshock 4 Control, 01 HDMI Cable, 01 USB Cable, 01 Power Cable, 01 Mono Headset, Instruction Manual.

*Not included with the vertical stand

All information disclosed is the responsibility of the manufacturer/supplier.
Check with the manufacturers of the product and its components for any limitations on the use of all features and functions.

The PlayStation 4 console is the best place to play with dynamics, connected games, speed and powerful graphics, intelligent customization, deeply integrated social skills and innovative secondary screen features.

The PlayStation 4 focuses on the players, ensuring the best games and the most immersive experience possible on the platform. The PS4 is centered on a powerful custom chip that contains eight x86-64 cores and 1.84 Tflops graphics processor technology with an ultra-fast 8GB GDDR5 unified memory system, making it easy to create games and increasing the richness of content possible on the platform.


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