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Playstation 3 Console – 320 GB black + PS3 Dual Shock 3 Controller

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Playstation 3 Slim PS3 320GB console with black controller – Sony

If you’re a gamer, you can’t do without the 320GB Playstation 3 Slim console from Sony. The 320GB internal memory of this Sony console offers superior performance. With the IBM Cell Broadband Engine, this gaming console provides faster processing capabilities. Enjoy high-quality graphics with the NVIDIA RSX graphics controller on the 320GB Playstation 3 Slim. With Bluetooth technology, this Sony console lets you access and play games from your laptop or other devices. The DualShock wireless controller of the Playstation 3 Slim 320GB gaming console allows you to make precise movements, adding to the fun.

Embark on a journey full of games, movies, Internet access, new events, services and experiences. Find out how the 320GB PlayStation 3 can offer something for everyone. The PS3 console is thinner and lighter than ever. Despite the change in size and format, the PlayStation 3 still has a built-in Wi-Fi connection and hard drive for storing games, music, videos and photos.

In addition, the PS3 is the only gaming console with a Blu-ray player, offering the best high-definition viewing experience on your TV. With five times the capacity of standard DVDs, Blu-ray discs offer a more realistic and immersive gaming experience that’s only possible on the PlayStation 3.

Games available for PlayStation 3 320GB

– The list of games for the PlayStation 3 console is growing every day. The PS3 console offers titles from some of the best franchises in the industry. The PS3 game library is sure to include everything you want to play.
– The PS3 was the first to implement the Cell Broadband Engine, an advanced microprocessor that makes your Playstation 3 run at incredible speed. So you can have the best gaming and visual experience.
– In addition to having a superprocessor at heart, the Playstation 3 also contains a high-definition Blu-ray player and incredible storage capacity on your hard drive (HDD). This means you can save a huge amount of games and media on your machine and watch high-definition movies in top quality.

With the Playstation 3 Slim, you’ll have a world of interactivity inside your room!
Produced with a modern design, the PS3 Slim is super light and very convenient to use and still has a precise memory of 320 GB.
The only game console equipped with a Blu-ray player that will take you to a world full of new experiences and in high definition, five times more capacity than normal DVDs, Blu-ray discs offer a much more realistic and engaging gaming experience.

Access the free Playstation 3 Slim on the PlayStation Network, internal Wi-Fi and hard drive storage for games, music, videos and photos.

Play or watch movies with the Playstation 3 and unlock a world full of entertainment. Make the most of this amazing console’s features and get high quality sound and picture.
If you’re watching movies, get the exact Full HD 1080p resolution, if you’re playing games, you’ll have the ultra-realistic feeling of accessing the Internet, chatting online and more, everything you can imagine and need you’ll have.

Have a 3D theater in your home, with the PS3 you can experience this reality sitting on your couch, just connect it to your 3D LED TV, home theater, digital cameras (Cyber-shot) or laptops (Vaio) and have the best 3D content in your hands, whether in games, movies, among others.
Play alone, with your friends or online, the important thing is that there is no lack of special effects, with very high definition, realism and a lot of interactivity.

Trophies thanks to the PS3

– There’s no need to brag about the trophies you’ve won. Your trophy gallery does that for you.
– There are four types of trophies: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Receive a trophy every time you overcome a phase or defeat a sufficient number of enemies. Collect different trophies as you play, until you have all the trophies the game has to offer. You will then receive the most brilliant trophy of all: the platinum trophy. The system combines all the trophies in your collection to determine the level of your victory.
– Your trophy collection (in the Games option of the XMB menu) shows the trophies you have already won and the trophies you have yet to win, separately, game by game. You can consult the details of each trophy to find out the requirements of each one.

XMB for PS3

– Let’s say you’re in the middle of a game, but you need to do something else, like text message, change the music, make a quick snack or something. Don’t worry, just press the PS button and use the XMB menu to stop the action.
– Want to get into an online game? You can change your Bluetooth setup during the game to connect your headset (sold separately) and play online. It’s also easy to adjust other settings without leaving the game.

Photos on PlayStation 3

– There’s nothing more frustrating than taking a beautiful picture and then suffering to put it on your laptop screen. You zoom in, you zoom out, you move things around and you realize you’re getting too close to each other’s nose until you give up. Now you can save your photos on the PlayStation 3 and enjoy them on the big screen.
– Pictures take up a lot of space. Luckily, your PlayStation 3 has a huge hard disk drive (HDD). You can store your games, videos, music and photos without slowing down the PlayStation 3 with plenty of space.

Connectivity with the PlayStation 3 with 320GB

– Use your PlayStation 3 to surf the Internet via a wireless broadband connection. You can explore cyberspace on your TV; if movies, videos, games and all the rest look better on your TV How about the Internet?
– The first step? Set up a wired or wireless internet connection on your PlayStation 3 console. With the internet browser on your PlayStation 3, you can download new content directly to your console, watch videos, Google search or just surf online to pass the time.
– The PlayStation 3’s huge 320GB hard drive is an indicator of all the downloads you can make from the PlayStation Store. It has more than enough space to store thousands of games, add-ons, demos, videos, photos, podcasts, music and more. Absolutely anything you want.
– The PlayStation Store has thousands of pieces of content: browse, download and enjoy games, free demos or new card packs and add-ons; songs for your music games. It’s all in one place, where you’ll find the best.
– With Remote Play, you can access your PlayStation 3 system with your PSP via a wireless Internet connection. That means you can access media files stored on your home console, such as music, videos and photos, from your PSP. In fact, the PSP console can even turn on your PlayStation 3 remotely when your system is in standby mode.


Broadband cellular engine processor

General characteristics

– Save your CD catalog to your hard drive and create a playlist library.
– Transfer your personal photos from a portable memory device and view them in one of five slideshow modes to ensure hours of fun with friends and family.
– Connect your digital video camera directly to your PS3 system or record your videos directly to your hard drive for easy management and viewing.
– New slimmer and lighter Playstation 3 system.
– 320GB HD for storing games, music, videos and photos.
– Built-in Blu-ray player.
– DVD and CD playback.
– Built-in Wi-Fi.
– HDMI output for 1080p resolution (cable sold separately).
– Two USB ports.
– Advanced cell broadband engine microprocessor.
– PlayStation Network registration.

Wireless (wired connection): yes
Bluetooth connection: yes

Technical data

Compatible media on CD, DVD, Blu-Ray
Maximum resolution: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p (24p/60p) Outputs
256MB XDR Main RAM / 256MB GDDR3 VRAM Memory
Other connections : HDMI™ : HDMI output – (x1 / HDMI) / AV MULTI OUT x 1
Automatic bivolt feeding
Colour Black
Package Contents – 1 Sony PlayStation 3 320 GB console – Black.
– 1 Sony DUALSHOCK 3 Wireless Controller – Black.


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